Lipstick is like anything else you wear. It must match your skin tone, or you’ll end up looking sick, diseased, pale, washed out, or old. Often, you pick out your favorite colors as a child. Children always love wearing the right colors. However, parents can easily get in the way of this. You should always wear liquid lipstick in your correct color scheme. 

1. Warm, red splotchy skin tones wear Winter Colors: Berries, Cool Plums, Icy Pink, Cool Red

If you look horrible in warm reds and oranges, then you require a cool-toned color scheme. If you have dramatic coloring (eyes, lips, or hair), then you may be a Winter color scheme. 

The right lipstick for you is one in a deep, bold, cool-toned shade. Cool red, icy berries, and deep, cold colors. Burgundy is great. Maroon may be too warm.

2. Warm skin tones with yellow undertones wear Summer Colors: Cool, Light Shades, Clear, Cool Pinks, and Cool Sheer Colors

If your skin is warm-toned but nice and light, then you probably will want to use a paler, clearer Summer tone. These are light shades of cool-toned pink, frosty berry colors, and icy shades of blue, lavender and white. 

Summer is typified by the lighter, clearer version of dramatic Winter. Your light pink lipstick should be icy cool, not clear and warm. You can wear rose-colored lipstick, but you should keep it in a bright shade instead of a dark shade.

3. Cool-toned skin with blue undertones wear Autumn Colors: Warm, Cherry Red, 

Warm Plum, Gold, and Warm Brown

If you are a dramatic redhead like Emma Stone, you may require Autumn colors. If you look pale, washed out, gothic or old when you wear black, you may need Autumn colors. 

Autumn color schemes are warm and dramatic and complement cool, blue-toned skin. Wear warm brown liquid lipstick, warm cherry red, or burnt umber on your lips. You can also wear plum, but it must be a warm shade of plum. Look for something red or yellow-based, not blue-based.

4. Cool-toned skin with pale, blush undertones wear Spring Colors: Warm Peach, Light Watermelon, Apricot, Coral, and Salmon

If you look good in warm colors, but deep, dramatic colors overpower you, then you may require a Spring color scheme. This if for cool-toned skin that has more “bland” features or less distinctive shades of hair, skin, and lips. 

Spring color schemes are typified by their lighter, clearer version of the Autumn color scheme. Peaches, Melons, Apricots, and Coral colors are perfect for Spring shades of lipstick. You can also wear Salmon shades, but make sure it is a warm shade of Salmon. It should be yellow-based, not blue-based.

You’re finished! Your lipstick choices are all ready for year-round wear. When you buy the right shades for your skin tone, (like the ones from Dose of Colors) you can mix and match shades within a single color scheme to go with different outfits! You’ll be stylish and healthy looking all season long.