Octane booster refers to a fuel additive added to gasoline to raise the octane rating. This may be necessary for a high-performance street car, motorcycle, and ATV.

Why you might need an octane booster for high-performance street cars to motorcycles and ATVs

1. Restores lost power

Gasoline octane levels lower as the fuel ages. This causes the fuel to lose its octane rating and makes it harder for your engine to create power. A higher octane rating also reduces knocking, allowing for faster acceleration, more power, and a smoother more stable ride.

Use an octane booster when you have a forced induction vehicle like a supercharger or turbocharger especially if your gasoline is over 6 months old or has been mixed with any additives like ethanol-based gas additive or racing fuel.

2. Improves performance

Octane booster reduces the risk of overheating and pre-ignition in your engine by improving combustion efficiency. Increased fuel octane allows the gasoline to burn at a higher temperature while burning cleaner and also lasts longer before it turns into oil residue. The richer content also flows more freely through any available passages in the engine, allowing greater efficiency and power. A gentle boost will increase horsepower by 10 to 20 percent

3. Additive for racing gas

Octane is an important factor that can increase combustion efficiency in racing gas. This is extremely necessary when you are burning highly compressed fuel that tends to create high octane numbers as well as the duration of burn. The octane booster will help to prevent detonation and pre-ignition while creating more power and optimizing the engine timing at the same time. The best octane booster can be used to increase power when using racing gas in high compression engines.

4. Improves fuel economy

When the octane level is too low or too high your engine does not get optimal performance and may suffer from damaged components. You will find out that even if you get more power from your engine it may not be durable and might need frequent maintenance.

Octane booster will boost the octane level and allow you to get performance without the need for higher octane fuel which will improve fuel economy by 10 to 20 percent.

Octane boosters are inexpensive and can be added to your gasoline before use. This service is economical, easy, and can be done at home with no special equipment or knowledge required. Simply add a cap full of fuel additives every time you fill up your tank.