Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a process whereby a type of dermal filler, such as Juvederm, is skilfully applied to enhance the nasal appearance. The process can offer that facial balance which most people seek, normally with little downtime. 

How a Non-surgical Rhinoplasty Works

The process is performed by a medical specialist that fills in depressed regions on the nose, smoothing the look of bumps or uplifting the inclination of the tip on the bridge. Since non-surgical rhinoplasty is simply an augmentation process, it cannot lessen the size of your nose. 

Pros of Non-Surgical Nose Job

1. The Outcomes are Reversible and Predictable

When you face non-surgical nose job, in the event of adverse reaction or dissatisfaction, the fillers utilized can be broken down by injecting hyaluronidase enzyme. 

2. Minimal Recovery and Downtime

There is significantly minimal recovery time and discomfort with a non-surgical nose job procedure. The process often involves less swelling and bruising when compared with its counterpart surgical nose job. 

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