Have you just lost your loved one and looking for a more affordable and convenient way to dispose of his or her remains? If so, then you can benefit from cremation services. Today, more and more families are opting for cremation over traditional burial due to the added benefits it offers. It’s cheaper, more convenient and flexible and less time consuming than conventional burial. Cremation also offers more options when it comes to where you want to rest the remains of your loved ones. Unlike the traditional burial which only limits you to a cemetery, cremation allows you to put the remains of your loved ones in a gorgeous urn, bracelet, or ring, keeping them closer to you than when buried in the ground. That said, let’s now look at a few benefits of cremation as compared to traditional burial.


When you choose a traditional burial, you have to purchase or set aside a piece of land to bury your loved one. This consumes a large piece of land which could have otherwise been used for farming or building residential or commercial properties. When you choose cremation, you don’t need any piece of land to bury the remains of your loved ones – and if you do, you only a very small piece of land to bury the ashes. This helps to conserve land and environment in general. 


 Traditional burial requires the body to be embalmed using formaldehyde(formalin), a chemical that’s very harsh to the environment. When the body is buried, this chemical finds its way to the water table, where most of the water we drink comes from. This can lead to a lot of health problems. But you can choose to save the environment from this harsh chemical by choosing cremation instead of a traditional burial. The ashes are completely safe to the environment. 


Without a doubt, cremation service is much more affordable than the traditional funeral service. The expenses of a traditional burial are a lot more than cremation because you have to purchase a burial land, buy a casket, and pay for embalming services. But with cremation, you just need to pay for the cremation at a cremation center and buy an urn which is cost-effective.  

These are a few benefits of cremation compared to traditional burial. For quality and affordable cremation services, contact Mark B Shaw Mortuary at markbshawmortuary.com.