When you think about protecting yourself, usually you might consider boosting the security in your home by getting cameras set up or purchasing a weapon that you can use if someone breaks in. However, have you thought about using something more non-conventional like protection spells? Look into all of these different spells you can use to protect yourself not only physically, but mentally as you go forward.

Bully Buster Curse

Have you had to deal with someone who’s harassing you either through school or work? Bullies can be tiring which can make you want to miss out on your daily activities just so you don’t have to see them. While you might not get a spell that will directly get them to stop harassing you, the bully buster curse will make it so that whoever is bullying you has to deal with consequences due to their actions. This means that they might get harassed by others or lose out from opportunities such as getting the promotion they wanted or being able to attend the university they applied to. Consider going for this curse if you want a bully to taste their own medicine.

Snake Charmer Spell

You might be in a situation with another person where they aren’t necessarily causing you harm as they aren’t harassing you, but they could be helping you if they were convinced properly. By casting the snake charmer spell on someone, you’ll be able to get them to go on your side. This means that they could not only look up to you so you have someone to talk to regularly, but they might be able to get a good word in for you in maybe a company for example in which you are looking for a job at. If you’re not interested in looking to grab attention through standard means, think about going for the snake charmer spell.

Aura Cleaning Spell

Has anyone ever looked at you and said, “Wow, your aura looks kind of messy!”? Consider getting an aura cleaning spell to help you with this. While you might be someone who wishes they could push themselves further in their goals whether it be to get their dream job or more money in general, your aura could be cloudy enough where you are having too many distractions that are leading you down the wrong path. By going through with this spell, you’ll then be able to focus on what matters to you. Go through with the aura cleaning spell when you don’t want to be so messy.


By combining all of these protection spells, you’ll be on your way to becoming a powerful person. Make sure that you keep up with all of the different spells out their so you can see what will work best for you in the future. Just make sure you don’t tell your enemies about any curses!