Virtually all urological conditions are treatable but only with an effective treatment plan that involves compassionate care and an exceptional state of technology. At, our mission is to offer outstanding urology services to patients in Phoenix, Arizona, and even those outside these regions. Be assured to meet the most welcoming staff and receive unmatched tending for your needs with whole-hearted compassion as we pursue your better health. Each urologist is a specialist, which means that our patients are guaranteed to receive the highest level of urological treatment.

Our holistic treatment approach is based on various urology conditions to ensure that patients get treatment for the exact situation. Indeed, when you entrust us with your urology condition(s), rest assured our doctors will inform you of the best diagnosis options based on your situation and detailed information about the underlying cause of the urology issue. Besides, we will help you appraise the various best treatment options, and this way, you will be empowered to make the best decision about your health. Indeed, our caring staff is very much ready to offer any support in every step on your recovery path and ultimately better health. Common male urological issues that require you to visit azurology com for treatment by our experienced urologist include.

• Testicular, Bladder, and Kidney Cancer.

• Enlarged Prostate

• Cystocele and Prolapse

• Erectile Dysfunction

• Hematuria

• Incontinence

• Kidney Stones

• Male Infertility

• Interstitial Cystitis

• Nocturia

• Prostatitis

• Prostate Cancer

• Testosterone Deficiency

• Urinary Tract Infection

• Urinary Retention.

Here are the various male urology services we offer.

Vasectomy. If you are looking forward to effectively and safely control birth, then vasectomy is the real deal. Once you’re fully decided and ready, we can schedule a vasectomy procedure at our main office in Phoenix. Note our vasectomy procedure is straightforward and secure so that you don’t have to spend a lot of your time on recovery and normalcy.

Erectile Dysfunction treatment. Don’t feel ashamed and a lesser man if you experience undue difficulties in achieving or maintaining an erection. Our Urologists are here to help you achieve your actual manpower. They will evaluate you in two sessions to diagnose the cause of the erectile dysfunction and the best treatment option for you.

Prostate Cancer Treatment. Our urologists are experts in treating prostate cancer including, nerve-sparing prostatectomy, Cryotherapy, and hormonal therapy.

Kidney Stones. Men have higher chances of kidney stones than women. However, the good news is that our physicians have all it takes and many years of expertise in the various areas to evaluate and treat kidney stone disease.

Male Infertility. This is a health issue that lowers the chances of male sperm fertilizing the female egg, which means they can’t get pregnant. Our physicians have helped men become fathers, so you too can be a father. Book an appointment today and receive the best urology services in the US today.