Nursing is a beautiful profession that speaks for the deep empathy we can feel for our peers. On top of that nurses are a profession that will always be needed, one way or another healthcare will always exist and this means the role of nurses is vital to our society.

However, the above doesn’t mean that the world of nursing is free of its complications. On top of the taxing work, there are a lot of factors that affect how to handle a professional career as a nurse. There’s the concern of the salary gap between LVN and RN nurses, as well as the usual job hunting stress that comes with any profession. But for those of you living in California then you are in a really good spot to begin or resume your career.

Let’s look at some numbers

Let’s take a look at some averages okay? Traditionally an LVN in the United States is expected to earn roughly $47,800 per year, which amounts to an hourly wage of $22.83. Things however change for the best when it comes to LVN positions in California. On average an LVN working in California will earn $58,710 per year for an average hourly wage of $28.23.

The best part about this is that the overall wage ceiling in California is considerably higher. Statistics show that the salary for home healthcare LVNs is higher in California as a whole, and specialized healthcare also results in higher wages for LVNs across the board.

The unique combination of age ranges and incomes in California means there’s a considerable market for nurses in the area, and enough clients invested in hiring them. So California is a great place to be if you are already an LVN or plan to get licensed soon. All you need to do is to get the right job and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

How to find a job as an LVN?

While word of mouth and personal contacts are always a great option to find a job they won’t work every time, and it’s not an option for people who have just moved into California. Thankfully there are always online listings to rely on, as well as websites dedicated to specialized job openings. In our experience, any LVN looking for a job should take a look at Every time we’ve checked the website there are always open positions for LVNs, and the support network is great as well. So take a quick look online and before you know it you’ll have a great job on your hands.