As people getting older, the ability to carry out daily tasks decreases, and we are all aware of that. It is not easy for the elderly, disabled people, and those completely immobile to shower. To provide them with essential hygiene needs, and enjoyment – since showering is a favorite form of relaxation for people – there is a portable shower chair. At, we offer you all the possible models.

The bathroom is the place where the most frequent injuries occur to the elderly. Wet tiles after bathing are extremely slippery, which can lead to falls and certain injuries, and at the end to possibly staying at the hospital for sanitation and other necessary things, which can be uncomfortable for older people. A portable shower chair is mainly made of waterproof plastic or metal, which will depend on the portable shower chair model.

Their maximum weight capacity is up to 150 pounds. Choosing the right portable shower chair will depend on the mobility of the user. If the user’s mobility is more limited, a portable shower chair will need to have more functional support to facilitate the user’s activities. So models from ordinary portable shower chairs to wheelchairs are available at Often, these portable shower chairs can also be placed in the bathroom by the users themselves, to make bathing easier and safer. However, for less mobile people, chairs with armrests and back support are needed to allow them to sit during the bath. It will allow them to shower more easily and comfortably, with occasional breaks if necessary. For people who have problems with going to the bathroom and doing urgent needs, chairs with hygienic openings are the perfect solution. They can bath easily, and safely, and also do physiological needs. It is mainly needed for disabled people, people who require medical care, and the like. While all of these features make it easier for older people to do their daily chores, there are additional options that give them even more comfort. It is specifically about adjusting the chair to different heights. For these types of chairs, the ability to use them easily is important, which should make it easier for older people to use them. The chairs on their legs have rubber supports that will prevent slipping on wet surfaces, thus contributing to the safety of the elderly. When choosing a portable shower chair, you also need to see if they have a brake. The best portable shower chair models at are easy to clean and rust-resistant.